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Youtube news Birth control pills and solarium cause spots on the skin

Youtube news Birth control pills and solarium cause spots on the skin

One of the issues that comes to the fore with the start of the summer months is sunspots. Dermatology Specialist Dr. explains the sunspots that occur on the face and do not go away on their own, which are especially bothersome for women. Seher Küçükoğlu Cesur gave information and suggestions about treatment. Sunspots have become a problem for almost everyone in the summer due to harmful sun rays reaching the earth due to global warming. Altınbaş University Faculty of Medicine Lecturer and Dermatology Specialist Dr. explains sunspots, which are more common on the face and do not go away on their own unless any intervention is made.

 Youtube news Birth control pills and solarium cause spots on the skin

Seher Küçükoğlu Cesur stated that it is possible to treat the spots, but underlined that people should protect themselves from the sun. Stating that sunspot is actually a regional darkening, Dermatologist Seher Küçükoğlu Cesur said, “Local darkening of the face, popularly known as sunspots, is common in women, especially in the summer months. Sun rays affect the melanocyte cells that synthesize the melanin pigment that gives the skin its color, causing both the number of these cells to increase and the melanin pigment they produce to increase. As a result, a group of skin diseases called sunspot occurs. There are different clinical types of these spots.

Some can reach a few mm, while others can reach up to 1-2 cm. "These are called lentigo (freckles) and melasma," he said. What is the cause of sunspots and where are they most common? Be careful with birth control pills and solarium Stating that there are many factors such as genetic predisposition in the formation of sunspots, Seher Küçükoğlu Cesur said, “There are many factors in the formation of spots. We can list these as genetic predisposition, pregnancy, hormonal drug use (such as birth control medication), some drugs that cause sun sensitivity, solarium, light sources and skin type. While freckles and sunspots, which we call solar lentigo, are more common in light-skinned and red-haired people, melasma is more prominent in dark-skinned people. Melasma occurs especially after tanning in the summer and under the influence of hormones due to pregnancy.

"These sunspots do not harm health, they only disturb the patient cosmetically," he said. Küçükoğlu Cesur also reminded that melasma, which is one of the sunspots that we see quite frequently, is seen on the face, on the forehead, on the nose and on the cheeks, which are exposed to the sun vertically, and said, “They are dark brown spots with sharp borders of 4-5 cm. It is more common in dark-skinned people because they have more melanin synthesis. "While freckles located on the upper layer of the skin are seen on the face, solar lentigines appear as small, lighter colored spots both on the face and on the back, chest and arms," ​​he said. “Preservatives should be used every 2-3 hours and 3 times a day.” Underlining that although treatment is possible, sun protection is extremely important, Küçükoğlu Cesur said that sunscreen should be used regularly to prevent spots from forming. Stating that sunscreens with a protection factor between 30 and 50 should be preferred and the sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going out in the sun, Cesur recommended that the sunscreen be reapplied every 2-3 hours and 3 times a day.

Cesur Ayuca said, "Using a hat in addition to sunscreen also prevents the formation of sunspots." “The treatments applied give successful results” Altınbaş University Faculty Member Dermatology Specialist Dr. also said that one should not be worried about the spots that cannot be prevented and that the treatments are now extremely promising and good results are obtained. Seher Küçükoğlu Cesur concluded her words as follows: “These spots caused by the sun do not go away on their own. There have been significant developments in spot treatments in recent years. One of these treatments is serum and creams, which are used especially at night and contain some active ingredients such as vitamin C, azealeic acid, retinol, arbutin, glycolic acid and hydroquinone. In addition to this treatment, PRP, mesotherapy and chemical peelings also provide satisfactory results. In addition to these treatments, laser systems are also used successfully to remove spots. Laser treatments are performed in 4-5 sessions, 1 month apart. Among these laser applications, which can also be applied in the summer months, Q switch laser, Pico laser and BBL systems give successful results.”

Youtube news Birth control pills and solarium cause spots on the skin
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